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Music is also a passion of mine.  I have been playing for many years and have recorded with several artists such as Douglas Spotted Eagle, Nyk Fry, Ghost Towne,  and Kettlefish.  I have also written and recorded personal projects.  Here is a sample of my work.


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Here is a youtube video of Douglas Spottedeagle and I Nii' Diin' Schlii' ( I Miss You ) These are 4 tunes from my CD "Zen Alarm Clock".  I hope you enjoy them!

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    This piece is entitled "Cry Now" not necessarily meant to be sad but to allow the expression of emotion.  I have a variety of styles in which I like to represent myself musically.     
    I call this song "Spot O' Mud" there is a story behind it, just me and Spot messin' around with some loops in Switzerland.  I added the sax, bass line and  key boards later.    
    "Water Over Stones" One word, Creation.    
  "Window Gaze" I don't know, maybe a melancholy tune, I think of the montage you see when you observe life.  In 2006, I felt inspired to play this at my fathers funeral, Love you Pops!  


Here are some upcoming performances:

            Meade Solo:

   Somewhere soon! 



 __Bloodhoney will be playing soon!!!



  Any Questions email me at: info@tranquiltouch.com


        I apologize to anyone planning to attend the St. George show on March 15th at the Firehouse, it has been cancelled. 

Here are some tracks from Kettlefish's CD Prime

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These are projects with others, all of whom are great friends.

I have had the honor and pleasure of performing with Douglas Spotted Eagle.  Here is a video of a performance at the 2002 Reebok Human Rites show I have also been working with some friends for 20 years plus, we play, and have played together in bands like: Cafe Society, SILT and The Killer Tomatoes.  This is a song Brock Peterson and I wrote called "Staring at the Sun".  It was engineered by Nyk Fry.  Mark Judd whales away on the drums and Greg Johnson thumpin' on Bass. Nyk Fry recorded a couple of albums and had me play on a couple of tracks, here is his myspace link for "Starlight Lady"and "Happiness Weighed You Down".

Greg Johnson July 16, 1965 - October 24, 2009