Greg, We Love You Laddie and will deeply miss you 

Family Video by his sister Becci with "Shining Light" by

Brock Peterson Band, Greg is Playing Bass

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Brock Peterson Band Phone Vid Clip

audio isn't the best but its Greg's last performance 

Deception Video                                                 Cafe Society's Carousell Video

This is about the only video I have in which the

entire song is performed, it is dark, but what you do hear is

Greg playin' SOLID, and when the camera is on

him, you can see him do his thing!  Brock - Guitar,

Mark - Drums, Me - Vocal/Keyboard, Greg - Bad-ass Bass



"Loopy" Wedding Party

Greg, you and Janet, Nate and Bryce have been a part of my life for such a long time.  Greg, if it wasn't for you, I would not be playing

music to this day.  I had the horns packed up and put away and you kept saying "Come on man, just try out practice, you are good, we

need you, you'll like it!"  That was spring 1985 based on a quick High School gig from back in '82.  You are one of my best friends,

you have been a force behind some of my inspirations.  A phenomenal Bass player and all around good guy, loving husband and one of the

greatest fathers anyone could have.  "Dude",  I was looking forward to the next music project that you were sooo excited about and was

sounding so good.  To say "you will be missed" is such an understatement. I love you man, God bless you, Janet and the boys.